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Bulk Products

VinylDoc sells our patented repair and restoration products to many of the major vinyl window manufacturers in the United States and Canada.

If you are a purchasing agent interested in buying VinylDoc products in bulk for your company, please contact us.

On-Site Repairs

VinylDoc has trained technicians in the Portland, OR metro area who are available to repair your window frames on-site. Our experienced technicians have done over 12,000 repairs. If you would like one of our technicians to come out and repair your vinyl window frame, contact us directly.

VinylDoc also offers consultations over the phone for repairs outside the Portland, OR metro area. See our Disaster Relief Consultation page or contact us for more information.


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VinylDoc is the leader in vinyl window frame repair and
restoration products. We are constantly striving to bring
consumers better solutions. Instead of replacing damaged
windows, repair and restore them!

Accidents happen. When they do, they can take a toll on your
vinyl window frames. Problems can arise due to human error
during the installation of home alarm sensors or the windows
themselves. Hail storms and falling debris also cause
excessive damage to your vinyl window frames.

ATTENTION! Hail damage in your area. Get our easy fix.

Click on the image that reflects the damage you have to be directed to the VinylDoc Repair Kit that will best fit your needs...

line Image of broken window frame with link to buy a VinylDoc Maintenance Kit Image of Hail Damage that has a link to the VinylDoc Small Hole Repair Kitline Image of broken shash interlock with link to VinylDoc Overlay Kit Image of Nail Fin damage with link to VinylDoc Quick Repair Kitline Image of screw in frame with link to VinylDoc small hole repair kit Image of improperly placed alarm sensor with link to VinylDoc small hole repair kitline